7 Step Manifestation Process to Create a New Reality

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Do you struggle to create the life you want?

Are you fed up working a job you hate or never having enough money to treat yourself?

Maybe you want to travel more and help more people. To live a life of abundance and surround yourself with positive people.

What you need is a better manifestation process that takes away the stress and uncertainty.

This article outlines a 7 step process to stop you from taking one step forward and two steps back.

Let’s dive in.

7 Step Manifestation Process

Manifestation not working? Follow this 7 step manifestation process to get into alignment with what you truly want, let go of negative emotions, and create a life of peace and prosperity.

1. Getting on the Right Path

Do you know that most people are chasing after fake goals.

They say things like, “I really want a relationship”, “I wish I had more money”, or “I’ll do anything for the perfect body”…

But when they dig a little further, what they are really saying is, “I want to be accepted.”

Accepted by their friends and family, and accepted by total strangers.

They only go after certain goals because of how they think it’ll make them feel when the achieve it.

The problem with that approach is that these people are working from the outside in.

They feel bad because they haven’t achieved said goal and they tell themselves they will never feel good until they get it.

That is the definition of an external locus of control. They believe that things happen to them.

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If you want to get into vibrational alignment, you need to switch to an internal locus of control and that you make things happen from within.

Your thinking switches from:

I really want a relationship…


I love and accept myself unconditionally.


I wish I had more money…


I am a valuable human being and add value to other people’s live.

And from:

I’ll do anything for the perfect body…


I am a unique individual and don’t need to prove my significance to anyone.

When you drop the need to achieve goals because of what you believe it will mean when you achieve them, you’re able to focus on what you actually want in life.

And who knows, you might find the original goal becomes easier to achieve because it holds less importance.

2. Uncover What You Truly Want

Wanting things for yourself is great, but if you want to be fulfilled in life, then you need to find your true purpose.

A life without purpose, is a life without direction.

Most people allow life to take them wherever it takes them, which is fine, if you’re already happy with the way things are.

But most people aren’t truly happy. They put their dreams on hold, or worse, they chase after someone elses dream.

So many people are working tirelessly in someone elses company, which only makes the owner rich.

Or people dedicate 5-10 years earning a degree, only to realize the career they’re qualified for makes them miserable, but pleases their parents.

To uncover what you truly want, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Think back to when you were little and recount the things you imagined doing when you were older. What were they?
  2. What were you passionate about before you began to limit yourself with other peoples limitations?
  3. Imagine you won 30 million dollars and you’ve spent the last 18 months doing everything you ever wanted. What will you do with your life, knowing you’ll never need to work a job again, but you’re kind of bored sitting on a beach.
  4. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  5. If you knew you were going to die in 6 months, what would you do with your time left?

3. Get Your Thinking Straight

You’ve heard the saying right?

“Thoughts create things…”

It might sound a little woowoo to some, but modern psychology backs this up.

Here’s a simplified understanding of how the subconscious mind works:

  1. Our subconscious mind forms beliefs before the age of 8 years old. Beliefs are just words or phrases we heard our parents say over and over again.
  2. These beliefs influence our thinking and interpretations of ourselves and the world.
  3. Our thoughts and interpretations cause emotions.
  4. Emotions influence our behavior.

It is also well known that up to 95% of our behavior is unconscious, because our emotions are mostly automatic.

So, if your want to act in a way that supports your goals and dreams, you need to change your subconscious thoughts and interpretations.

An even better technique is to change the beliefs that cause the thinking, which causes us the act in ways that sabotage ourselves.

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts.

If you want to awaken from the dream that keeps you stuck in life, uncover your limiting beliefs and change the way you think.

4. Find Your True North

What does it mean to find your true north?

Well, if you were navigating back in the olden days, the north star would direct you to the north, which would eventually lead you to shelter.

If it wasn’t for the north star, you wouldn’t have a point of reference, and so, wouldn’t know where you were going.

We can use this metaphor with what we value in life. What is truly important to you will lead you in the direction you want to go.

The problem is that most people don’t really know what they value, or what is truly important to them is skewed by their beliefs or the people they hang around with.

For instance, if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone because you value comfort, then you will live in mediocrity.

But it’s not your fault if you were raised to stay small, don’t speak up, and conform to the status quo.

You end up hanging around those who value the same things, like working a minimum wage job and living for the weekend and nights in front of the TV.

What you need to do is find your true north!

Dig deep within yourself to uncover what is truly important to you. Find it and cherish it. Then find others’ who also cherish it and compound it’s intrinsic worth.

When you know what your values are and you realize their worth, it will direct you like the north star and toward your highest aspirations.

5. Rewrite Your Life Story

Rewriting your story might be the quickest manifestation method available.

Here’s the deal.

We take in reality with our five senses, but how we perceive reality largly depends on how we interpret things.

And we interpret things based on our beliefs and conditioning.

The main role of our mind is to conceptualize things to optimize for safety. But if our beliefs and upbringing caused us to skew reality, then we end up creating filters that skew our consciousness.

How does this relate to our stories and why do we need to rewrite them?

Well let me explain with my own story in 4 sentences…

My dad would shout at me and call me stupid.

I grew up absolutely petrified of critisism and had an insatiable desire for approval, from EVERYONE.

I found learning extremely hard because not know the answers made me feel inadequate.

This led me to spend most of my adulthood seeking validation, people pleasing, fearing failure, and never getting anything I wanted in life.

… I needed a different approach to life, so I created a new story…

My dad was petrified that I would be critisised and ridiculed for being stupid.

He did everything he could to protect me, because he loved me.

Feeling stupid led me to seek a wealth of knowledge and wisdom so that I could teach others who struggled to learn.

I approve and accept myself and approach life with the capacity and confidence to achieve anything I put my mind to.

See how different this new story is from the one I grew up with.

The first story caused me to feel victimized, where as the new one causes me to take charge and full ownership of my life.

It’s a complete identity shift.

Also notice I was the creator of the original story which got me nowhere but a life full of lack and dispair.

And the new story empowers me to live a life of full autonomy, freedom, and abundance.

6. Who are Your Role Models?

A good question to ask is:

“What causes a person to distort reality in the first place?”

The answer?

False beliefs and insecure thinking.

That includes all or nothing thinking, self-doubt, avoiding critisism, and lack of confidence in ones abilities.

And where do they come from?

Our role models.

These role models can be our parents, our neighbors, our teachers, our siblings, our friends, the media, celebrities, the list goes on.

And it all happens in our earliest years when we have no ability to discern truth from false.

We see these role models as all seeing, all knowing, authoritative figures who are supposed to know better, so we believe everything they say and do.

We take on their beliefs and insecurities and go out into the world with huge limitations.

So what can we do about it?

We need new role models…

They can be new friends, mentors, coaches, and successful people who have achieved the life that we want.

It’s the people who were either raised with a more empowering set of beliefs or they reprogramed themselves with new ones.

The sort of empowering beliefs that you need to create a new reality for yourself.

When you follow this manifestation process and start to realize what you truly want, you begin aligning with your higher self and attracting new opportunities.

7. Tune into Your New Reality

You may not know it yet, but the moment you started reading this article, you began to shift into a new reality.

That’s because what you originally imagined your future to look like, was based on your perception of the past.

Based on your skewed interpretations that have prevented you from living out your highest potential.

Now it’s time to tune into the reality you want to experience.

By the use of future visualization, you can reinterpret your past that helps you support your future self.

Begin to believe that you can’t fail, only discover what doesn’t work so you uncover what does work.

Focus on the ends, not the means. Hold a definate image in your mind of the person you aspire to be, and your manifestation practice become second nature.

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