7 Ways to Leave Your Comfort Zone to Manifest Your Best Life

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Do you want to break out of your comfort zone and achieve more in life?

It’s true:

Our comfort zone is nice and cozy, but as the saying goes…

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

Still, stepping outside your comfort zone can be challenging.

Here are 7 strategies to leave your comfort zone behind and manifest your best life.

1. Take small steps everyday

Trying to make a big change can be overwhelming, so it’s important to take small steps everyday that will help you slowly push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Start by making small changes in your daily routine like trying new food once a week, or waking up an hour earlier each day.

As these little steps become more comfortable and natural, start taking bigger steps outside of your comfort zone like learning a new skill.

Taking small steps on a daily basis will eventually lead to greater things that align with your higher self and make your manifestations easier.

2. Stop forcing your manifestation and start allowing

If you want to manifest the life you want, there’s a good chance you’ll need to break out of the bubble of your comfort zone.

But why force things when you can take a different approach.

Instead of forcing or needing your desires to come true, let them go and be easier on yourself.

The problem with forcing things is that it stirs up a lot of unwanted emotions, which sends the wrong signals to the universe.

Instead of pushing and forcing your way out of your comfort zone, allow it to happen naturally.


By telling your subconscious you are no longer scared of it.

The truth is this: No one actually leaves their comfort zone, they expand it.

That’s right. Instead of trying to escape the dreaded comfort zone, bring scary things into it and watch it expand gradually.

You’ll become more grounded and secure in yourself and it won’t feel so uncomfortable doing new things.

3. Take full ownership

Taking ownership of your life is the foundation for manifestion.

This involves making conscious choices and owning them, both success and failures.

Taking full responsibility for your life gives you control and allows you to stay in the driver’s seat. No one can be held accountable for your decisions but yourself.

When things get tough, recall why it’s important to take ownership for your life and stay strong even when faced with adversity.

Additionally, if goals are not achieved or life events don’t work out as expected, don’t give up. Instead of feeling like a victim, realize that you are only human and that failure is inevitable.

After setbacks occur, work on identifying what went wrong so that it can be done differently in the future and use your newfound knowledge as fuel for growth.

Finally, set new standards of excellence and continually strive to raise them while growing into an even better version of yourself than before.

4. Stop letting fear take over

Fear of the unknown can be debilitating, leading us to play it safe and stick to our comfort zone.

If your manifestations aren’t working, you must embrace your fear and recognise that it cannot kill you.

To understand fear on a deeper level, here are some insights that can help.

  1. Fear is just a feeling in the body, triggered by the fight or flight response.
  2. All negative feelings arise from how we interpret our thoughts.
  3. We can raise our awareness of how we interpret things negatively by slowing down our mind and resetting our nervous system.
  4. Next time that fear arises, bring your attention to your breathing, slow it down and ask yourself; “what am I afraid of?”
  5. The more you do this, the more you’ll realize that what you are scared of isn’t out there, but what your mind is making it mean.
  6. You’ll become more aware of the meaning and start questioning whether it’s true.

Understanding fear like this and doing the above practise makes it so much easier to leave your comfort zone.

5. Shift your identity

In order to expand your comfort zone to new heights, make an identity shift.

Shifting your identity is about questioning your limiting beliefs and adopting new ones that empower you.

You start by defining an outcome you want to achieve and asking yourself; “who would I be if this was easy?”

Then, define the following about this version of yourself:

  • What beliefs would I hold about myself if I was this person?
  • Why would it be important for me to achieve this outcome?
  • What skills would I already have if this that would make this goal achievable?
  • What behaviors would I take everyday to see this goal come to fruition?
  • How could I set up my environment up to make the behavior automatic?
  • What type of people would I be hanging around with?

Go through this identity shifting practise to help you think of yourself on another level.

You’ll soon start behaving in ways that align with what you want and leaving you comfort zone becomes second nature.

6. Journal your beliefs away

When taking action on our goals, the resistance that crops up always comes down to what our ego thinks it needs to stay safe.

And journalling helps you uncover the self-limiting beilef that ego has created to keep you in your comfort zone.

To start this practice, get yourself a notebook and reflect on what it is you want to create for yourself.

When you feel resistence come up, start writing down what you say to yourself that might contradict the reality you want to create.

For example:

Let’s say you want to create more money in your business but you find it hard to increase your income.

At the top of the page write; I can’t earn more than (the amount you’re stuck on) because:

Then write out as many reasons as to why you can’t make more than this amount. Or why you find it difficult.

What you write will be all the reasons you think it’s difficult, and they might seem valid to you. However, these are usually false beliefs you have taken on as true for you.

The next step it to uncover why you believe these things to be true.

Write out one of the reasons that feels very true to you like this:

I cannot make more than (X amount) because I am not an expert in this field. The reason this is true is because:

Then start writing whatever comes to you. Whatever you end up writing is why you believe you need to be an expert to make money or be financially successful.

The last step is to counteract these beliefs with reasons why you can succeed.

Here’s what that might look like:

I am not an expert in this field, but I know I can still make more than enough money in my business. The reason I know this is because there are other people who make way more money than me and they are not experts.

Keep writing as many reasons as possible that provide you with evidence that contridict the original belief.

This is an extremely powerful practice that can completely bannish false beliefs and make it easier to leave your comfort zone.

If you pratice on a regular basis, you can elimitate self-limiting beliefs in as little as 15-20 minutes.

7. Get an accountability buddy

Getting an accountability buddy is another excellent way to help you stay focused on the goals you have set for yourself.

This could be a friend, mentor or co-worker, but make sure it’s someone you trust and can call on to keep each other accountable.

Consistency is key when it comes to leaving your comfort zone, and having somebody else (metaphorically) holding your hand and pushing you forward will expidite the process.

Communication is key – letting each other know when either of you needs support or just a gentle reminder on why the journey is important.

It’s always easier to accomplish things when somebody is there with you through the highs and lows, and having an accountability buddy makes leaving your comfort zone that much easier.

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