Manifestation Not Working? Here’s Why and How to Solve It

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Manifestation not working?

There are many reasons your manifestation isn’t working, but they can all be boiled down into one category.

Your internal state.

This is the biggest cause of an unfulfilled life; how you feel on the inside most of the time.

If there is internal conflict, a lack of internal boundaries, low self-worth, self-doubt, or psychological fears, then you will always struggle to create the life you want.

The reason behind this is simple, yet so many people find it difficult to grasp.

Your internal state governs your outer manifestations.

If you feel bad, unhappy, sad, resistance, lack, or self-pity, most of the time, then you will see this reflected in your external environment.

For example, if the lack of feeling loved creates a sense of unworthiness on the inside, then you will have more experiences of being rejected, stood up on dates, or getting into relationships with emotionally unavailable people.

If you worry about money and constantly feel a sense of lack, you will have more experiences of running out of money, compulsive spending, or unexpected bills pilling up.

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Why Inner Peace is So Important

The state you want to be in to achieve your goals and manifest the life you want is a state of inner peace.

You do not need to feel ecstatic or overwhelming joy to get what you want.

These elated feelings might be a byproduct of living your dream life, but they are not required to achieve it.

What you want is to grow your awareness of your emotions and understand why you feel resistance when pursuing your manifestations.

When you understand your emotions, you are more equipt at shifting your internal state to harmonious and positive emotions.

The reason it’s important to feel inner peace or harmony is because all emotions have a vibration associated with them.

This corresponds to the Universal Law of Vibration, which is a Hermetic principle written about in the book The Kybalion.

You can prove to yourself this is true by thinking of or repeating the word “hate” 30 times and see how you feel.

Then repeat the word “love” or “thank you” 30 times and you will feel your energy shift.

When you are working on your manifestations, it is difficult to attract what you want whilst feeling fear, resistance, or anxiety.

Instead, imagine how you would feel if you had already achieved your goal.

This will help you let go of any attachments you have on the outcome and feel good simply by working towards it.

What Causes Internal Conflicts?

Here are some causes that contribute to internal conflict that disrupt your inner peace.

False beliefs

We all have false beliefs that we think are true.

Remember when you were 6 years old, and you believed in Santa Claus?

Well, that was a false belief, which you were hopefully told the truth about when you got older.

The false beliefs that cause you issues in your adult life are the ones your parents, friends, and teachers held and thought were true.

For example, lots of parents who struggle to make money believe it is hard to make money.

That is a false belief because there are people in the world who make a lot of money in their sleep.

Personally, I make enough money to support myself and enjoy my life through blogging and freelance writing.

I used to make less money working a HARD job in construction, waiting tables, in sales, you name it.

All my old jobs were hard work.

Even when I first started my business, I believed I had to put in 80 hours a week to make enough money.

I was getting it all backwards.

Life is easy. It is our false beliefs and thinking that make life hard.

Fixed mindset

People with a fixed mindset believe their intelligence is stuck or predetermined at birth.

They believe it is impossible to change or improve themselves.

Instead of learning a better way of doing something, they try harder at making things perfect or getting things right the first time round.

Then, if they can’t get it right, they blame other people or tell themselves a story about how it’s impossible.

This is likely to cause a lot of internal conflict and undesirable feelings because it makes life feel very limited.

If this sounds like something you struggle with, then what you want to do is adopt a new mindset – a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is where you believe your intelligence can improve through effort and learning.

Instead of trying to change the circumstance, you change yourself. You develop a new way of thinking.

Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

What this means is if you are stuck on something, it is because your level of thinking got you there and you can’t use the same thinking to get out of it.

Instead, you need to take in a new level of thinking.

The best way to get a new level of thinking is to read a book, speak to a friend, or hire a life coach.

These things will open your mind to a different perspective. A different level of thinking and you will soon start developing a growth mindset.

Low self-worth

Self-worth is the level at which we value ourselves and a sense of having some value in the world.

We get self-worth from our level of confidence or level of competency towards our goals and aspirations.

The cause of low self-worth can come from various places, such as limiting beliefs, feelings of hopelessness, dysfunctional parenting, and experiences at school and work, etc.

Essentially, low self-worth is a consequence of insecurity.

In most cases, being insecure comes from our upbringing. If we had insecure parents or made friends with insecure people, then we are often conditioned to be insecure ourselves.

We will grow up feeling self-doubt, not believing in ourselves, and lack confidence in what we can achieve.

You can develop self-confidence by learning how to be independent, focus on things you are good at, and realize that what you contribute to the world is of value.

When you live with more autonomy, appreciate what you do, and how your contribution makes a difference to people’s lives, you feel a greater sense of self-worth.

Inferiority vs Superiority

It is normal and often helpful to feel inferior sometimes, because it can motivate us to improve ourselves.

But an inferiority complex causes us to feel inadequate and completely incapable of change.

If you feel inferior, it is always because you compare yourself to others. You believe others are better than you because they seem to have it all together.

You lack confidence in what you can do and perceive everyone else as more successful, even if they are not.

On the flip side of feeling inferior is feeling superior, but they are both coming from an inferiority complex.

Feeling superior to others is a way of hiding your true feelings of inferiority. You might act like a no-it-all or find ways to make people wrong to feel better about yourself.

People with an inferiority complex seek approval from others by going after goals they think will impress people. Not what they truly want.

Or they will act like a helpless victim, because it enables them to deflect responsibility.

At the heart of an inferiority complex is the idea that the person is special and should be treated differently from everyone else and excused for their behavior.

It is a sense of entitlement.

Inferior people are poor, helpless victims and should never be treated badly.

And superior people are better than everyone else and should be respected, admired, and always feel like the most important person in the room.

To overcome an inferiority complex, one must develop self-confidence and give themself permission to be their unique authentic selves.

Living authentically and valuing the things that make you a unique individual helps you see others as equal.

You stop thinking in black and white terms of who’s right and wrong, good or bad, and appreciate yourself and others based on your differences.

3 Techniques to Heal Your Internal State

Here are 3 techniques you can use to heal your internal state and feel good all the time, so you can make manifestation work for you.

1. Letting go

Letting go is one of many manifestation techniques you can use to let go of negative emotions and is known as non-attachment in Buddhism.

To practice non-attachment, become the witness of your thoughts and emotions and just observe them.

This might sound counterintuitive, but let me explain.

Most of us are constantly judging ourselves and making assumptions about how we feel.

We assign meaning to our emotions, which causes us to deny how we feel, instead of allowing the emotions to do what they are supposed to do – help us.

Yes. Emotions are there to guide us. To help us understand what we want and change our situation or how we interact with the people in our lives.

When you feel your emotions without judgement, you will notice how quickly they dissipate by themselves.

The more you do this, the more you’ll understand what your emotions are trying to communicate to you and the more inner-peace you will feel.

2. Reprogram your mind

It’s important to understand that having emotions is completely normal.

The problem is when we keep suppressing our emotions, which only makes them feel worse.

When we deny, suppress, or escape our emotions, we experience chronic stress and anxiety, which continues the cycle.

It’s this pattern and cycle that needs to be broken for us to experience our emotions more effectively.

Much of the time, the way we feel from day to day is a habit we’ve developed throughout life.

If you want to transform the way you feel about yourself, your relationships, your money, or your health, reprogram your mind.

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3. Shift your identity

As we grow up from adolescents into adulthood, many of us often fall into one of two traps.

  1. Developing a weak sense of identity
  2. Or developing a false sense of identity

If we develop a weak sense of identity, we go through adulthood feeling confused about who we are or what we are supposed to do.

We may never form a consistent social group or feel satisfied working in the same job for years.

This can lead to frequent changes in our work life and relationships, never really feeling like we fit in or belong anywhere.

For those who develop a false sense of identity, choose a path of inauthenticity and play a role that contradicts their core values and beliefs.

These people may believe they need to become a doctor, celebrity, parent, or business owner, to be accepted by their parents and the rest of society.

They may spend a great deal of time and effort progressing in their career to help them define who they are.

By the time these people reach their mid to late 30s, they are convinced that the false identity they have developed is that of their own choices, when it is really based on their assumptions of how others will perceive them.

The person with a weak identity experiences that similar to an identity crisis for most of her life, feeling lost with a lack of direction.

And the person with a false identity essentially avoids the identity crisis until later in life. They spend their 20s, 30s, and even their 40s in denial that who they are isn’t really who they desire to be.

To overcome this and actually create the life you want, you must find your sense of self. You must shift your identity into the person you want to become.

This process is a deep exploration of your personal values, beliefs, and goals.

Which is possible to achieve using the manifestation process.

Nothing outside of us should define who we are. Only we can define who we are through being in touch with our deepest desires.

Give yourself permission to become your authentic self for no reason other than it being your birth right.

When we fall into one of these traps (as most people do), it is potentially the biggest cause of disharmony in a person’s life.

To live successfully and to manifest everything you want in life, you must become your authentic self.

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