Do You Want to Achieve More Success by Doing Less?

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Many of us fall into the trap of working harder means getting more.

And this blog is about to change all that.

Yes, we must take action. But…

Imagine living with more confidence, more prosperity, and more peace, without the pain and struggle.

I’ve been into personal development since 2005, but I didn’t take the journey seriously until my spiritual awakening in 2018.

That’s when everything changed.

And I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Deep down, you believe in the law of attraction, but something seems to be stopping your manifestations from materialising.

Well I’m here to help you break free from the unseen forces that limit you.

Whether you’ve been struggling with fear, doubt, overwhelm, or anything else, I’m giving you the permission you need to let them go, now.

When you step into your own personal power, all of your resistence crumbles away.

You stop trying to control life and begin allowing life to unfold. You realise that you don’t create reality, you choose reality.

Meta Pathways is Your Guide to Choosing a New Reality

Find your way back to yourself and break the chains keeping you stuck in the past or in fear of the future.

Meta Pathways is a spirituality and manifestation blog like no other.

Each article you read will lift your spirits and unlock something deep within.

You’ll discover that the answers you seek were not out there, but within yourself all along.

Instead of fighting your way to success, you realise that success already exists in the here and now.

And when you realise that, everything you want shows up effortlessly.

About Steve

Certified mindset coach and NLP practitioner.

Steve spent so many years struggling with low confidence and limiting beliefs, he became obsessed with psychology and personal transformation.

Growing up in a poor home and a strict parent made him feel extremely limited and small, when all he wanted to experience was growth and abundance.

The creative energy he felt was pushed to one side and it became dormant.

As he grew into his teenage years, he felt shy and inadequate, sensing a grave disconnect between his essence and what he felt capable of.

It was like his soul was being crushed.

After a profound spiritual experience in Febuary 2018, he began seeking answers.

Over 1000 hours of studied content on topics ranging from neuroplasticity, analytical psychology, spirituality, complex trauma, habit formation, psychosocial development, and more.

He found what he was looking for – himself.

Now he’s on a mission to raise human consciousness so they can find their way back to themselves, so they can effortlessly design the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Steve is a self-proclaimed sythesizer of knowledge, making the esoteric easy, and antient wisdom accessible.

He is currently studying hypnotherapy, human design, chakra healing, and earning a coaching certification in emotional intelligence.