Life is Easy: Our Mind Makes it Hard

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“People are becoming smarter, just to make the world more complicated” – Jon Jandai

A common belief many people have is that life is hard.

But life itself is not hard. Life is easy. It is our thinking that makes it hard.

The belief that life is hard is what causes needless struggle.

We can look at the nature of the universe and the power of our mind to see the truth.

When we ask ourselves different questions and shift our perspective, we can see a different way of doing things.

Life becomes a dance instead of a fight.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

5 Ways to See That Life is Easy

WWhen you adopt a manifestation mindset, things will fall into place and life will seem to flow effortlessly.

Here are 5 ways to see that life is easy.

1. Shift your perspective

We see our parents struggle with things like money and their relationship with each other.

Then a child believes that money is hard to make and love in relationships involves fights and arguments.

We grow up thinking it’s normal to struggle and that if we want happiness and a significant life, it must be hard to make it worth while.

If it were easy, then surely we wouldn’t value it, right?

We don’t see the value in ourselves. Instead, we project it onto our goals and make them hard work so that when we achieve them; WE feel more valuable.

If we make the shift from our goals being the source of our value to us instead, then our lives become valuable prior to our accomplishments.

So how can we achieve things without the struggle? How do we make like easy?

There’s a difference between struggling and putting in the effort.

I grew up with a great deal of adversity and a hostile environment as a child.

This led me to view pain, hardship, and stress as unacceptable. It skewed my relationship with putting in the effort.

Even doing things like tying my shoelace was painful because not being able to do it heightened my fear of inadequacy.

I was made to believe I was useless and stupid, which was scary because I thought my parents would abandon me.

Then any criticism became unbearable.

For me to turn my life around as an adult, become a blogger and freelance writer, I had to change my perspective about effort vs struggle.

Now I approach projects and goals with ease. If there’s any sign of struggle, I know it’s my mind and not the task at hand.

I ask myself the question, “If this were easy, what would it look like?”

2. Stop doing and start being

We are human beings, yet we have come to believe we are human doings.

Most of our behavior is unconscious. Science and psychology have confirmed this to be true.

What happens at the end of each year? We set new year’s resolutions and base them all around things we are going to do.

We say, “This year I’m going to go to the gym more so I can lose weight.”

And then wonder why we’ve given up on our new year’s resolution by the end of January.

That’s because change doesn’t come from what we do. Change comes from who we are being.

If I have the desire to lose weight or get in shape because I feel insecure about my body, then my intention is all backwards.

I am focusing on something I want externally, instead of feeling good within.

If I feel insecure on the inside, it doesn’t matter how amazing I look on the outside. I’ll still feel insecure on the inside if I don’t change the way I feel about myself.

And the way I feel about myself is all down to the beliefs and thoughts I have about myself.

Which probably caused me to get out of shape in the first place.

I could spend years trying “real hard” doing all the things at the gym, and even if I reach my optimal physique, it will never be enough.

Instead of trying to do all the things to seek validation from society, we need to discover what we truly want for ourselves and become that.

3. Detach yourself from outcomes

There’s nothing wrong with desires, but when we desire things based on how we might be perceived by others, we aren’t really doing it for ourselves.

We attach ourselves to who we think we need to be or what we need to achieve to be accepted.

This lack of self-acceptance causes us to place significance on the outcomes we want.

And we attach ourselves to goals and the identity we believe we will attain from achieving them.

This only causes a great deal of fear and resistance in pursuit of them, because there is always a chance of failure.

Then we perceive failure as something we must avoid.

We put so much importance in achieving what we want, we become attached to it.

Instead, we must welcome failure as a means of our success.

We need to accept that we could fail at achieving our goal. Become indifferent to it. Let go.

Practice non attachment and attract the things we want instead of fighting for them.

4. The path of least resistance

A question many people get caught up on when trying to manifest what they want is – how.

They think of the outcome they want (how to make more money) and proceed to ask how they are going to do it.

What they fail to realize is that the how is irrelevant.

That’s because there are unlimited means to the outcome people desire.

Think about how many millionaires and billionaires there are in the world. Did they all achieve it in the same way?

Of course not.

They made it in their own unique way.

You can try to intellectualize the exact manifestation process you need to create a better life, but it will never happen in the way you plan.

It’s likely that by the time you get to the 9th step, you’ll be a totally different person and capable of jumping to step 15 with one action.

So if you have to know any step, just figure out the first one and see where it takes you.

If you truly want to live a life without resistance, stop thinking altogether.

Resistance only happens in the mind caused by ideas based in the future. We overthink how we might get things wrong and make a mistake.

We worry about failing and having to come to terms with unfulfilled dreams.

I would waste so much time worrying about money that I could never make a rational decision to make any.

I would bury my head in the sand, and bills would pile up. Then I would take drastic measures like getting into debt or selling my belongings to make ends meet.

It was a dark time.

Things are much different now. I rarely worry about money. Not because I have loads of it, but because I focus on solutions.

I pay attention to how I feel at any given moment and let my intuition guide me to what feels right.

I spent the past five years reprograming my mind and developing the habits I need to act accordingly to my ideals.

Instead of reacting to my circumstances, I respond to the standards of my values and wishes.

I don’t need to write a list and set a goal. I just think of my desired reality and choose to believe it already exists.

How I’ll create that reality is unknown. But I put faith in knowing the path of least resistance will get me there.

Manifestation not working? I say, stop trying and go with the flow.

5. Look at nature

Look at a tree, a rose, a lake, the rain. Everything in nature just is. It doesn’t try to do or be anything it’s not.

Nature just is.

Human beings are also part of nature, but we have forgotten the very essence of what we are.

We see ourselves as physical things instead of cosmic beings. There is so much more to us that is intangible than there is physical.

Emotions, sensations, thoughts, experiences, and our very consciousness are all intangible, not physical.

Without these intangible aspects of ourselves, we wouldn’t be aware of this physical reality.

Even having the awareness of an identity or self isn’t a physical thing. Yet most people are so caught up in the material world that they neglect to see the nature of their being.

When we turn our attention within, switch off technology, and quiet our mind, we realize everything is happening spontaneously.

Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are coming from nowhere. Or maybe they’re coming from something bigger than us. Who knows?

But it’s clear that we are not choosing our habitual thoughts, they are just programed.

To discover what we truly want in everyday life, we have to get quiet and awaken our deepest desires. Search deep within ourselves and allow what comes up to express itself.

Let nature take its course and go with the flow.

Life is easy, if you let it.

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