5 Manifestation Mindset Principles for Faster Manifestations

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What is a manifestation mindset and how can you develop one?

Having a manifestation mindset will make it easier to manifest the things you want in life.

So, if you have struggled to achieve financial freedom, attract your perfect partner, or grow a successful business, then adopting this mindset will help.

In this post, I’ll share 5 powerful principles that have helped me become more successful.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Mindset?

A mindset is a way in which a mind operates.

For example: Someone receives poor grades and believes it’s because they aren’t smart.

This person’s mindset is referred to as a fixed way of thinking, whereas a growth way of thinking would look different.

With a growth mindset, a person could get a poor grade and think, I’ll need to study more and put in more effort next time.

One mindset limits a person, and the other expands a person.

You can learn more about these mindsets in the book Mindset, by American Psychologist Carol Dweck.

Simply put, a mindset is made up of thought patterns and beliefs that influence a person’s emotions, behavior, and perception of reality.

Thanks to the growing field of neuroscience, we know a person can change their mindset to improve their intellect, capabilities, and level of confidence in all areas of life.

By changing our thought patterns and beliefs, we rewire new neural pathways in the brain that develop a new way of thinking and perceiving the world.

What is a Manifestation Mindset?

A manifestation mindset is a collection of assumptions and practices that can help you think in ways that make manifestations easier.

The type of things we manifest will depend on the type of mindset we have.

So, it’s best to adopt a mindset that makes life easier and attract things we want instead of having to chase after them.

The 5 Manifestation Mindset Principles for Effortless Manifestations

Use these 5 principles to shift your mindset to help you on your journey of manifesting a great life.

1. All That Exists is the Now

Attracting the life you want requires self-awareness and being present.

When we get caught up in judgemental thoughts about the past or worrying thoughts about the future, we cannot think creatively and produce positive outcomes.

People who adopt a manifestation mindset use their mind in the present to imagine a better future.

They also recognize that events of the past do not prevent them from manifesting what they want to experience in the now.

Only the here and now exists in physical reality, therefore, what you want already exists within you.

This spiritual principle is one that many people find hard to grasp, yet to some, it comes naturally.

To develop this principle, become aware of what is aware and you will discover your self within your awareness.

2. Gratitude is the Antidote for Lack

Lack and poverty are a creation of the mind, which is the definition of a scarcity mindset.

If you feel a sense of emptiness or an intense need for something outside yourself, this could indicate you’re operating from a scarcity mindset.

You might feel unlovable, or that time is running out, or that you will never be enough or ever have enough money.

The reason many of us feel this way is down to not getting what we needed in childhood.

We can’t go back to our childhood and get our needs met, but we can use our mind to reinterpret past events that caused us pain.

When we do that, it’s much easier to meet our own needs in adulthood.

Ask yourself, who is going to meet your needs now?

Only you can meet your needs and expecting others to do it for you will only maintain thoughts that something is missing life.

When you effectively meet your needs, you’re able to differentiate things you need vs things you want.

A person with unmet needs might mistake the things they want with the things they need, such as chocolate or alcohol.

No one “needs” an alcoholic beverage or chocolate. These are luxuries people allow themselves to have if they want them.

They are wants, yet they become needs when people depend on them.

And people only become dependent on these things because they aren’t meeting their core needs.

Once you develop the habit of meeting all your needs, you begin to need less and feel grateful for everything you have.

When your default state of being is a feeling of gratitude, your mindset shifts from scarcity and lack to abundance and satisfaction.

From this perspective, you welcome anything and everything into your life and it seems to materialize miraculously.

3. Living From the Inside Out

Living from the inside out is all about choice and responsibility.

A person can either react to their environment and blame others for their misfortune.

Or take responsibility and realize they have control of their outcomes.

Yes, there are things that are outside of our control, but it is up to us how we respond to them.

Ask yourself, am I a victim to my circumstance or did I play a part in creating it?

People who discover manifestation come to realize that they have been attracting situation they didn’t want and want to know how to shift it.

Developing an internal locus of control is how.

If you have an internal locus, you are more aware of your emotional responses to things and take responsibility for them.

You recognize that no one else is doing anything to you.

A person who reacts and points their finger has an external locus. They believe that other people or outside forces cause their internal feelings.

If that sounds like you, it’s probably not your fault. Most of us are conditioned to function this way.

But we can change it.

I did it myself, and I had an external locus of control to the extreme.

Here’s what I just scored on a locus of control test:

So take it from someone who used to believe they were a victim and never took responsibility for anything.

It’s possible to change and if you want a powerful manifestation mindset, this principle will make all the difference.

4. Personal Success is a Reflection of Your Self-Image

Your self-image has an enormous influence on the direction of your life.

Henry Ford put it eloquently when he said:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Henry Ford

People with a negative self-image believe that their success is down to luck, circumstance, or perfect timing.

They say things like, “when I’m a millionaire, then I’ll be successful.”

When a successful person doesn’t rely on the attainment of money to feel successful, this is what defines them a success.

Much like happiness, success is a mindset based on the person’s beliefs about themself.

If I believe I am incapable of achieving much in life and I define success as achievement, I will forever feel like a failure.

Attaching failure to your identity causes you to never try to succeed.

Or feel a great sense of fear when attempting to achieve a goal.

“Your personality creates your personal reality.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza simplifies our understanding of how our personality or self-image affects our life profoundly.

He states in the video that how you think, how you act, and how you feel is called your personality, and that your personality creates your personal reality.

So if we want to create a new personal reality of one where we feel successful and act differently, we have to create a new personality, or at the very least a shift in how we see ourselves.

You can use the act as if technique to help with this.

5. Imagination is Just as Important as the Physical

Where attention goes, energy flows; Where intention goes, energy flows!

James Redfield

Your imagination is incredibly powerful.

Conscious effort to imagine a better future will sink into the subconscious mind and create new thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

If your thoughts and emotions are a reaction to past events or how you feel about yourself, you’ll keep repeating the same behaviors, which produce the same results.

Therefore, it’s important to realize the importance of visualization when manifesting the life you want.

People with a manifestation mindset focus on calming the mind so they can shift their attention to more empowering thoughts.

The key is to become attuned to your emotions.

Instead of repressing emotions, you recognize them and do your best to understand them.

Then you can use your emotions to take positive steps forward, instead of reacting and repeating unhelpful behaviors that keep you stuck.

When we develop this skill, we become more aware of our thoughts and beliefs and what we are imagining

Then, we’re able to shift and use our imagination powerfully.

Using the future visualization technique can help you change what you imagine your future to look like in a positive way.


Do you have a manifestation mindset?

Here’s a breakdown of what this mindset looks like:

  • being present and not getting lost in automatic negative thoughts
  • shift focus on the incredible things we already have, instead of what’s missing
  • taking responsibility for our current situation so that we can change it
  • we can change ourselves to think, feel, and act more effectively
  • we can use our imagination to attract a better future, instead of repeating the past
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