Aligning with Your Higher Self: 5 Powerful Practices to Use and Develop Everyday

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When you’re out of alignment with your higher self, it’s easy to feel lost, lack purpose, and make impulsive decisions.

That’s why it’s important to have practices that bring you back into alignment.

But, how can you deepen that connection consistently?

In this article, I’m sharing 5 techniques for aligning with your higher self.

Let’s get started.

What is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self is your core, essential self that has been with you since you were born.

Another name for your higher self is your spirit. It goes beyond beliefs, fears, and limitations that were impressed upon you in childhood.

The higher self bridges your connection to source, universal consciousness, or everything that is.

It’s the flow of life force energy within you, free from attachment to anything outside yourself.

Depending on your beliefs systems and programming, it can take many forms, such as an spirit guide or angelic protector.

When you’re connected to it, you feel a profound sense of clarity and purpose. It is from here that we experience unconditional love and deep inner peace.

How to Align with Your Higher Self

1. Detach from your mind by connecting with your body

As we have become more identified with our thoughts, we’ve ended up relying more on the mind rather than trusting the energy within our bodies.

This is a problem because it throws us out of balance.

It’s a common misconception that spiritual growth means we have to transcend the physical and material world.

However, the opposite is true. To develop a deep spiritual connection and align with our higher self, we must fully integrate and befriend our physicality.

After all, it has been said that the body is a representation of the subconscious mind.

Much of society has become addicted to the ego mind, identifying with their thoughts and stories that keep them feeling limited.

Our unconscious limiting beliefs cause conflict within our psyche, which triggers us into further unconscious patterns and dissociation from our bodies.

This then disconnects us from our profound inner wisdom that’s accessible through feelings, emotions, and intuition.

Reconnecting with the body and becoming more centered will bring you closer to your truth and trust yourself again.

A good practice for this is a full body scan or yoga nidra, where you close your eyes and scan each part of your body.

This practice expands your awareness of the sensations in your body and switches off the ego mind.

Here is a guided full-body scan you can try:

2. Tune into your heart

Another way to connect with your body and align with your higher self is to tune into your heart.

Studies show that heart-brain coherence is a real thing and that the thoughts and intentions we focus on have an intrinsic influence on our well-being.

One of the most popular ways to tune into your heart and access inner wisdom is through the HeartMath Technique.

This technique involves focusing on one positive emotion, such as self love or compassion.

During this time, place your attention on the area of your heart and imagine your breath flowing in and out of this area.

Try to maintain a smooth rhythm of breath and that is comfortable.

Next, bring to mind someone or something you truly appreciate and allow these positive emotions to arise naturally.

Doing this simple practice regularly will develop heart and brain coherence, which helps you get grounded.

Feeling grounded is essential for building trust with yourself. As a consequence, this will help you develop a deeper sense of alignment with your higher self.

Here is a guided video to follow for heart-brain coherence:

3. Heal your inner-child

We all have an inner child within us. It’s the playful aspect of ourselves that allows us to get in touch with our innocent and creative side.

However, most of us have unresolved wounds from negative childhood experiences that prevent us from being in touch with our inner child.

As a result, this can block us from fully embracing aspects of our higher self.

For example, if your core values and desires are to create art or play music, an unhealed inner child can block your authentic self.

To begin healing your inner child, think back to times in your childhood that made you feel neglected or abandoned.

Sit with these feelings in the present and with the knowledge that you are safe and that these painful memories can be healed now.

Unfortunately, we cannot go back into the past and fix these memories, but we can grieve them.

Remember to be compassionate towards yourself. This is the process of reparenting yourself and meeting your own needs.

As you develop this practice, you will find it easier to let go of feelings such as shame and guilt.

These are essential to let go of as they keep us stuck in the past and repeat behaviors we think we need to keep us safe.

Take this as slowly as you need to and you’ll find yourself feeling lighter each day and as a result, develop the connection with your higher self.

4. Release trapped emotions

Trapped emotions are those that have been suppressed, ignored, or pushed down to avoid dealing with them directly.

When these trapped emotions are not processed properly, they can interfere with our spiritual and emotional healing process.
The first step to releasing them is to recognize that they still exist within our bodies. When we allow ourselves to feel what our body is trying to tell us, we can better understand how to process them.

Second, try the practice of sitting quietly in reflection or meditation and allow any thoughts and feelings to arise without judgment or criticism.

It’s important to observe these sensations without judgment, but it’s still okay if this happens. Simply observe any judgments that come up as well.

The third step is to allow any negative emotions or feelings move and dissipate by themselves. Then start to consciously choose how you would like to feel moving forward.

It can help to visualize your life free from these emotions that feel restrictive. Additionally, you can journal about your experience of this practice or listen to affirmations if you feel compelled to.

In time, you find yourself feeling much lighter and progressing with higher self alignment.

5. Awaken your intuitive powers

Intuition comes from a higher awareness that exists deep within us, beyond the physical plane and human logic.

When we align with our intuition and tap into this awareness, we can access greater resources of knowledge and insight.

By cultivating a connection with our true self and awakening our intuitive abilities, we can have more clarity on our life choices and develop healthier relationships.

Through understanding the power of the subconscious mind and its infinite source of information, we can strive for a life of purposeful abundance and deeper fulfillment.

To enhance your intuition, you can practice mindfulness activities such as yoga or guided meditation.

Another way to awaken your intuitive abilities is through slow breathing techniques. An excellent breathing technique to try is one-minute breathing.

This is where you slow your inhale to 20 seconds, then hold for 20 seconds, and exhale for 20 seconds.

This takes some practice as it’s so different from our normal 12-20 breaths per minute. You can aim for 8-10 seconds at first, then gradually increase it.

Also, make sure you are sitting in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed.

After this breathing exercise, you may find that you’re able to access profound insights about yourself that are in alignment with your true authentic self.

Conclusion: Aligning with Your Higher Self

Aligning with your higher self is a profound and peaceful experience that we all want to achieve.

However, this isn’t something that comes through controlling the mind. It’s something you develop through practice by connecting with the body and the present moment.

Even though the higher self sounds like something above us, it is only accessible within. The more you practrice these techniques with patience and compassion, the easier it’ll be to develop.

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