Vadim Zeland Quotes to Help You Create a New Reality

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Vadim Zeland is a Russian esoterics and metaphysical author of several books on the topic of reality creation.

His most famous book, Reality Transurfing®, outlines a unique method for achieving goals and managing reality.

Other books by Zeland include, Tufti the Priestess and Transurfing in 78 Days.

Here are 35 Vadim Zeland Quotes to help you restore balance and move onto a timeline of your choosing.

35 Quotes by Vadim Zeland to Help You Master Reality

“Transurfing is not so much a new method of self-improvement as a fundamentally different way of thinking and behaving in order to get what you desire out of life.” – Vadim Zeland

“Dissatisfaction represents an energetic vibration, whose frequency matches life lines where the thing you are dissatisfied with is ever more clearly present.” – Vadim Zeland

“I said before, helping others gain the advantage should be part of your personal life philosophy.” – Vadim Zeland

“For now, whilst you are only on the path to your goal you should put your own happiness first. Then you will avoid frightening your heart away from the goal. On the path to your goal allow your heart to think only of itself. Once you have achieved your goal you can afford your altruistic mind as much freedom as it desires in looking after your loved ones, nature, homeless animals, starving children and whoever else you feel drawn to help.” – Vadim Zeland

“Let go of feelings of guilt and the need to justify your actions. To let go of guilt, it is enough to give yourself permission to be yourself.” – Vadim Zeland

“If you decide that you can create your own destiny then you will consciously take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, battling against the waves in an attempt to sail your little boat.” – Vadim Zeland

“Dreams are not illusions in the usual sense of the word. The mind does not imagine them, but actually sees them.” – Vadim Zeland

“If you associate your dream with the idea of helping those close to you everything could go very wrong.” – Vadim Zeland

“Freedom is yours when you end the battle. As you can see, the answer is short.” – Vadim Zeland

“The qualities of the material world are the same for everybody; it is just that its concrete realization is unique within the context of a person’s life.” – Vadim Zeland

“Contrary to popular belief, all gestures of altruism originate in the mind, not the heart. The heart will do anything possible to achieve its innermost goal, but if the goal serves someone else instead it will lose all interest and leave the mind free to exhaust itself battling to find the solution to its one task.” – Vadim Zeland

“Everyone wants their life to be comfortable, abundant, free of illness and chaos, and yet we often find that life has its own plans, and can leave us feeling like a little paper boat spinning round on life’s turbulent waters.” – Vadim Zeland

“Money is not the goal so much as what you can buy with it.” – Vadim Zeland

“The method of Transurfing is not aimed at changing the self. It offers a way of returning to self.” – Vadim Zeland

“In the context of Transurfing a person can choose their happiness; they do not have to fight for it.” – Vadim Zeland

“As soon as a person indicates that they are willing to absorb guilt, a manipulator will stick to that person like glue and feed on their energy. This dynamic can be avoided simply by refusing to take on feelings of guilt.” – Vadim Zeland

“Excess potential is only created when you attribute excess importance to an object or event that exists inside or outside of yourself.” – Vadim Zeland

“If you believe that your fate is predetermined then the best remedy for the despondence you may feel is acceptance.” – Vadim Zeland

“Everyone that stands in front of the mirror receive confirmation of the image in their thoughts.” – Vadim Zeland

“Have you ever wondered whether there could be a different, more positive script in which the one who feels well survives?” – Vadim Zeland

“Generally speaking, when a person creates excess potential the impact of balanced forces is aimed at reducing their influence on the world.” – Vadim Zeland

“Reality, as a rule, gives a mirror-like response. What you give out, is what you get back.” – Vadim Zeland

“If you express an intention, consider it the intention of God. How then could you doubt that it could be fulfilled?” – Vadim Zeland

“Coincidence is a pseudonym for God, when he does not want to leave his signature.” – Vadim Zeland

“Emotions stem from attitudes, therefore you should change your attitude in the first place. Feelings and emotions are nothing but consequences. They are caused by one single thing, importance.” – Vadim Zeland

“You have to fake it and live out the game. It’s make-believe, but it is not a joke.” – Vadim Zeland

“No-one has the right to judge you. You have the right to be yourself.” – Vadim Zeland

“When people do overly prioritise their work there always seem to be someone else around who achieves more whilst making considerably less effort.” – Vadim Zeland

“Everyone is free to choose any destiny they wish.” – Vadim Zeland

“Do not think about the problem; act, create momentum, irrespective of how things might turn out, and then the problem will be resolved in the process.” – Vadim Zeland

“You cannot make other people happy but you can easily injure others with your own unhappiness.” – Vadim Zeland

“Dissatisfaction represents an energetic vibration, whose frequency matches life lines where the thing you are dissatisfied with is ever more clearly present. Being pulled to these life lines makes you become even more dissatisfied and the vicious circle continues until you reach a life line where you are old and ill, incapable of changing anything for the better, with comfort only to be found in grumbling at the world together with others who are the same and sharing memories of how much better things used to be in the good old days.” – Vadim Zeland

“We always get what we choose” – Vadim Zeland

“Firstly, if you lose passion for your goal it will dissipate and if you have to force yourself to work with a goal you will soon become fed up of it. If this is the case you should ask yourself whether you really need the slide or not. Secondly, it is worth remembering that outer intention does not manifest slides straight away. It gradually brings you closer to the targeted life lines. It requires patience and perseverance.” – Vadim Zeland

“As it is written in the Bible: “Let it be according to your measure.” And it really is. You always get exactly what you are willing to have.” – Vadim Zeland

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