52 Thomas Campbell Quotes on Life & My Big TOE

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Thomas Campbell is an American author and physicist, who wrote the book My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) which presents a comprehensive framework for understanding the nature of reality and our place in the universe.

The book is a combination of science, philosophy, and spirituality, and introduces a holistic understanding of the nature of consciousness, time, space, and the physical universe.

Campbell is full of boundless wisdom. Here are 50+ quotes by Thomas Campbell that I think you’ll enjoy.

My Big Toe: A Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics: Awakening, Discovery, Inner Workings

52 Thomas Campbell Quotes on Life & My Big TOE

“Simply walk fearlessly with love into whatever comes and everything will come out right. The larger consciousness system takes care of its own – no soldier is left behind.” – Thomas Campbell

“Belief is not a shortcut that will actually take you to a significant destination. Believing what others say is a risky business. You must discover truth and knowledge for yourself or it will not be your truth or your knowledge. Your truth and knowledge lives deeply and vibrantly within your being while someone else’s truth and knowledge can penetrate no deeper than your intellect.” – Thomas Campbell

“The bottom line is that the larger consciousness system is designed and constructed to support your personal growth in every and any way that could possibly be effective for you. It will not help you experience things that are likely to increase your entropy. You do enough of that yourself.” – Thomas Campbell

“Most of our beliefs lie beyond the easy reach of our intellects. Outside our awareness, they literary define, and thus limit, what we allow ourselves to perceive and interpret as reality.” – Thomas Campbell

“Once the mental door of indisputable fact is pried open, the light begins to flood through.” – Thomas Campbell

“When you have been back to this virtual reality a few times, you get nudged a lot by guidance. Each time you come back initially you know zero but after many incarnations you will start to be nudged to remind you. Paranormal experiences will pop in your face to speed up your process and so, as you don’t lose the gains you made in previous lifetimes, an attempt is made to bring you back up to speed so you can get to the bit where you were at the last time.” – Thomas Campbell

“The truth is not delicate; it will stand up to vigorous testing.” – Thomas Campbell

“Becoming too enamored of paranormal phenomena can distract you from more important issues and retard or prevent your further development.” – Thomas Campbell

“That a million smart people say yes is not a good reason for you to say yes if you do not have the experience and understanding to support it. Determining truth is not a democratic process ruled by the majority. It is also not something that someone else can do for you. Do not let these smart people sway you to agree with them simply because they are smart.” – Thomas Campbell

“If you know about the larger reality, non physical matter reality, if you understand how things work you are better at playing the game than you are if you are totally clueless. So having your own big theory is really helpful so that you can interpret your experiences. If you can ask yourself why is this happening to me and then start looking for the lessons that you are being taught in the present experience packet, you start realizing that ‘growing’ and the choices you make are very important. Rather than going through life like a zombie and doing whatever you do because you are just ‘doing it’.” – Thomas Campbell

“If it is not your truth, based on your experience, then don’t believe it – Remain skeptical and open-minded. Whether it is true or not is the wrong question.” – Thomas Campbell

“Being non traditional is a necessary strength, not an unavoidable weakness.” – Thomas Campbell

“Improving the quality of consciousness, advancing the quality and depth of awareness, understanding your nature and purpose, manifesting universal unconditional love, letting go of fear and eliminating ego, desires, wants, needs or preconceived notions – these are the attributes and results of a successfully evolving consciousness.” – Thomas Campbell

“We almost always let our egos trick us into believing that we are much less ignorant than we actually are.” – Thomas Campbell

“Open-minded skepticism is the primary tool you will need to maintain a free mind capable of significant and evolutionary progress.” – Thomas Campbell

“Fundamental assumptions in general and scientific assumptions in particular are so hard to overturn because they are based on belief. Beliefs are so hard to overcome because they are irrational and therefore do not yield to logical argument.” – Thomas Campbell

“There is but one truth, however there are many expressions of it.” – Thomas Campbell

“A theory that integrates, unifies and logically derives physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, the normal and the paranormal – it answers your questions.” – Thomas Campbell

“Begin to understand your beliefs and their limitations. Inspect your ego regularly to see if it is growing or shrinking and expose some of its more blatant fantasies in yourself, then to your loved ones and finally to your friends. Dedicate some of your energy every day to finding and verifying the truth. Become aware of your motivations and intents. Turn off the TV and get acquainted with your mind. Learn to meditate. Be kind and loving in all your interactions with others. Stop thinking about yourself and your wants, needs, and desires. Figure out what your fears are and outgrow them. And above all, continue to objectively taste that pudding to see how you are doing. Only real measurable, bona fide objective results are acceptable. If you do not get results that you, as well as others, can easily see after a serious six-month effort, do something else. Be patient. Real progress takes serious dedication over a long time. Have fun always. Just go do it. You don’t need to know how!” – Thomas Campbell

“My intent is to set your mind free to find truth, not to pile on another layer of belief on top of what you already have, or replace one of your current beliefs with a new one. Freedom – spiritual, emotional, and intellectual freedom – provides the necessary environment for learning. Open-minded skepticism is the primary tool you will need to maintain a free mind capable of significant evolutionary progress.” – Thomas Campbell

“Allowing the outside theoretical possibility that our beloved PMR may be a local reality is the first step toward comprehending a bigger picture.” – Thomas Campbell

“You can be more aware that you need to live in the moment, be aware and try to reduce your ego, your anger, your fear in this way you can reduce entropy a lot better and a lot faster. If you are totally unaware, you evolve in tiny steps.” – Thomas Campbell

“Big Truth, once understood and assimilated, always modifies your intent and invariably leads to personal change.” – Thomas Campbell

“Absolutes in communication are reflections of ego.” – Thomas Campbell

“Not only do you have responsibility for your own growth, but as you succeed past a certain point, you also have responsibility to help others succeed. The student becomes a teacher for those who are struggling with things that the teacher has mastered – yet he remains a student, for there is always more to learn and more to give.” – Thomas Campbell

“Guides will take whatever form that is required to do their job (help us grow higher quality consciousness). They will appear as Jesus, Buddha, or any God you like.” – Thomas Campbell

“After we grow up enough, we no longer need pain to get our attention. We learn to continue growing while remaining happy and positive because we understand the nature of existence. We already know what really matters and why. Our capacity to love and to give expands without being prodded by pain and misfortune.” – Thomas Campbell

“The model itself may closely resemble the reality it describes or merely describe its inputs and outputs. In either case, do not confuse the model of reality with reality itself.” – Thomas Campbell

“An AUM-digital-consciousness-system-thing could not possibly be the larger and more fundamental reality because it is not exclusively manifested as a physical substance in the little virtual physical reality. Can you imagine a more illogical and irrational belief?” – Thomas Campbell

“The quality of your being expresses the correctness of your understanding. Think about that a moment. What does the quality of your being say about the correctness of your understanding?” – Thomas Campbell

“Your belief systems limit your reality to a sub-set of the solution space that does not contain the answer.” – Thomas Campbell

“Even if your intuition is grossly underdeveloped, it is still a better guesser of Big Answers than your intellect.” – Thomas Campbell

“In any reality frame, one must strive to become aware of one’s abilities and limitations and discover the operational causality of the immediate environment.” – Thomas Campbell

“Words are imprecise symbols and metaphors. They mean different things to different people because both context and interpretation is personal.” – Thomas Campbell

“A man who will not leave his room because he does not know how, or is afraid to open the door, is trapped just the same whether or not the door is locked.” – Thomas Campbell

“You will learn to appreciate the fact that the larger reality extends beyond objective causality, beyond the reach of intellectual effort, into the subjective” – Thomas Campbell

“Do not worry about the future, it will come upon you gradually and only as you are ready for it – there are no big bumps or sudden transitions – you grow gradually from one stage to the next. Everything will open and become available as you need it and can profitably use it (not necessarily as you want it). No loose ends will be left flapping about. Your transitions will not come at the expense of others. All evolution is generally optimized for the system, not for individuals. Individuals do not evolve at the system’s expense – we are all one. The whole system is evolving.” – Thomas Campbell

“In short, believe nothing, explore everything, know what you know. Know more.” – Thomas Campbell

“We do whatever comes to us at the moment. What we do matters little – the intent behind the doing is an expression of our being that matters much. The feedback from the doing informs the quality of the being to modify its intent – this is the bootstrap by which we pull ourselves up.” – Thomas Campbell

“The smaller your reality, the more convinced you are that you know everything.” – Thomas Campbell

“What is deeply ingrained in us is nearly impossible for us to notice – it becomes part of the invisible inner core of our being.” – Thomas Campbell

“More often than not, the tastiest and most nourishing part of life lies in experiencing the process, not in attaining the goal” – Thomas Campbell

“To get out of the box, you first must step over its edge – an act too frightening and intimidating for most box dwellers who will always find plenty of good reasons why it is actually better to stay safely in the box.” – Thomas Campbell

“Assuming responsibility for your life is a good place to start anything.” – Thomas Campbell

“Trying to figure out the lessons you are here to learn is very important.” – Thomas Campbell

“The evidence, as well as the key to understanding, lies within your own experience – and nowhere else.” – Thomas Campbell

“The being level speaks the language of art, music, color, shape and pattern directly – a language that requires no words – is not limited by words – nor does it have the specificity of words and thus cannot be broken into parts that can be manipulated or analyzed by the intellect. It must be swallowed, whole not parsed, sorted and justified.” – Thomas Campbell

“Great leaps forward do not come from the center, they come from the edge.” – Thomas Campbell

“The ideal is to turn intellectual beliefs into knowledge based on direct experience.” – Thomas Campbell

“You are a creator that exhibits, uses and manipulates the evolution of consciousness and you are the result of that same process at both the nonphysical and physical levels.” – Thomas Campbell

“Tiny positive or negative increments in the quality of your intent, over many thousands of choices, eventually lead to either an increasing or decreasing consciousness quality.” – Thomas Campbell

“It’s not about the body; you are consciousness. That’s what you are. Your consciousness is already out of your body. You don’t need to get out of your body; you just need to get into your consciousness.” – Thomas Campbell

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