35 Catherine Ponder Affirmations on Manifesting Money, Success, and Personal Power

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In the field of self-help and personal growth, Catherine Ponder is a relatively significant figure.

She is both a minister and the creator of the Unity Church Worldwide, a subsidiary of the Unity Church.

Her writings, however, are what she is best known for.

There are several of them that she has written, and are mostly centered around prosperity.

Her works on the subject include “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” and “Open Your Mind to Prosperity.”

In order to make her affirmations more powerful, Ponder also promotes the use of visualisation techniques.

The self-help and personal development industries have benefited greatly from Ponder’s concepts, which have gained widespread acceptance.

She is regarded as one of the main authorities on the use of affirmations to the manifestation of success and abundance, and her teachings continue to motivate other individuals to take charge of their thinking.

35 Catherine Ponder Affirmations on Manifesting Money, Success, and Personal Power

There is nothing for me to fear. God’s Spirit of good is at work and divine results are coming forth.

Nothing but good can come into my life, for God is in charge.

I give thanks that I am now rich, well and happy and that my financial affairs are in divine order.

Money, money, money manifest thyself here and now in rich abundance.

My success is unlimited now.

I am a success. I allow myself to feel successful.

I rejoice that I am now successful in all my ways.

I give thanks that I am the ever-renewing, the ever-unfolding expression of infinite life, health, and energy.

Everything and everybody prospers me now and I prosper everything and everybody now.

I am the radiant child of God, my mind, body and affairs now express his radiant perfection.

Nothing can oppose my ultimate good, or my radiant health.

I give thanks for ever-increasing health, youth and beauty.

I have unshakeable faith in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life, for God is in absolute control.

I expect lavish abundance every day in every way in my life and affairs. I specifically expect and give thanks for lavish abundance today.

I look younger, more attractive and healthier everyday.

With God’s help, I am now deliberately and joyously radiating divine love to myself, my world, and to all humankind.

Divine intelligence knows our need, knows where the right house is and knows how to manifest it to us at the right time.

Nothing can defeat me. I give thanks for the perfect, immediate right results. I rejoice that I am now successful in all my ways.

Every day in every way I am growing richer and richer.

Every day in every way I am becoming financially independent, with the help of God.

I am the rich child of a loving father. I now accept and claim his rich good for me in every phase of my life. My own Godgiven success in the form of rich ideas and rich results now appears.

I know my value. I honor my worth.

Let there be peace within my walls and prosperity within my palaces.

I bless you and bless you for the riches of God that are now being demonstrated in and through you.

There is no absence of life, substance or intelligence anywhere.

All financial doors are open; all financial channels are free, and endless bounty now comes to me.

I am now open and receptive to the rich, divine ideas that now perfectly initiate and sustain my business affairs.

All obstacles and barriers to my success are divinely dissolved now.

My health, strength, energy and stamina increases exponentially with every step I take.

I am in all ways guided, prospered and blessed.

My yoke is easy and my burden is light. My accomplishments are many. I am divinely equipped to accomplish great things with ease.

Divine intelligence is in charge of my life. I am now open, receptive, and obedient to its rich instruction and guidance.

I bless you with a rich increase of God’s almighty good.

I am receiving. I am receiving now. I am receiving all the health the universe has for me now.

I focus on what I love and thus draw it to me.

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